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A big debt of gratitude goes out to Mr. Steven Miranda and Kiyoyuki Terada Hanshi for providing the information below. (On Monday, July 13, 2009 Terada Kiyoyuki Hanshi, 10th dan, Yoshinkai Aikido, passed away at the age of 87) 

Above photograph was taken on the occasion of Princess Alexandra Royal visit to Yoshinkan Hombu Dojo in 1967. My father is pictured second row from the back on the right side.

The person next left to Shioda Kancho is Yoshida Sensei. The young boy next left to Yoshida Sensei is Tetsutaro Shioda who is 1st son of  Shioda kancho.The person next right to Terada Hanshi is Matsuo Sensei who passed away 4-2004. The person just back to Alexandra Princess is Mr. Minami who deeply contributed to establishment of Yoshinkan Dojo, one of Founder of Yoshinkan. The person next left to Mr. Minami is Chairman Shoshiro Kudo. The person next left to Chairman Kudo is Mr. Cummingham. The person next right to Alexandra Princess is British Ambassador in Japan who took Princess to Yoshinkan. The person right back to British Ambassador is Mr. Nakasone who is former Prime Minister. In the top row, just under the wall portraits: Kudo (banker and dojo sponsor) short chap with bald head Minami (chairman of Kokusaku Pulp Co) - with dogi and glasses (another dojo sponsor) Unknown female - presumably one of Dutch royalty party Nakasone (to her right) Foreign Minister (later became PM) Next row down: the Dutch royalty party (unknown if you know, please email me)

Front row below them: to the right of Kushida,Yasuhisa Shioda next to  him in black, in the row above him is Ohnishi (uchideshi);

Gozo Shioda 1915-1994

Here is a rare early original signed photo from Shioda Sensei as well as two signed books given to him during his training as gifts.

The first book on top is entitled Aikido Gijyutsu  Kyohan (Basic Aikido Technical Textbook Number 1) dated July 20 1965.The second book is entitled Aikido-no-Tanoshima Kata (How to Enjoy Aikido for your personal leisure) dated January 10, 1963 and is Gozo Shioda Sensei's first published book.

Aikido Nyumon Cover by Gozo Shioda 1967 Aikido Nyumon Back Cover by Gozo Shioda 1967 Aikido Nyumon Inside 1 by Gozo Shioda 1967 Aikido Nyumon Inside 2 by Gozo Shioda 1967

Above book is entitled Aikido Nyumon (Introduction to Aikido). It is a first edition, first printing from 1967. This book had four different covers but the ocean side portrait of Shioda Sensei is my favorite cover.

Aikido Nyumon dated 4-10-1970 Aikido Nyumon (Introduction to Aikido) Page 4-5

A different cover of the same book that is pictured above Aikido Nyumon (Introduction to Aikido). The book is dated 4-10-1970.

Above book is entitled Aikido Jinsei (An Aikido Life) it is a first edition, first printing from December 5, 1985. This is an autobiography of Gozo Shioda.

Aikido For Beginners book by Gozo Shioda first edition, first printing from February 20, 1981.

Aikido Shugyo (Aikido Training) by Gozo Shioda book printed May 31, 1991


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