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On April 19, 1966 my father writes a letter to Mr. Shusaku Shitama, the President of the Nippon Sosuishi-ryu Ju-Jutsu, requesting affiliation with his organization on behalf of the National Police Self Defense Instructors Association.

Ju-Jutsu letter 1

Ju-Jutsu letter 1a

He also sends a copy of his personal history.

Ju-Jutsu letter 2

Ju-Jutsu letter 2a

Note: he proposed the first National Police Self Defense Instructors Association on January 24, 1964 at the Chicago Police Academy. See copy of the day's meetings.

Meetings 1

Unknown to my father, Mr. Shusaku Shitama passed away on March 31, 1966, less than a month prior to my father's letter.

Here is an early signed photo of Shusaku Shitama given to my father by Robert R. Dewar

Receives a letter dated May 28, 1966 from Mr. Robert R. Dewar on behalf of Mitch Fleming, who was in a Veteran's Hospital in New Jersey.

Ju-Jutsu letter 3 Ju-Jutsu letter 3a
Copy of a brochure describing Robert D. R. Dewar instruction in Sosuishiryu Ju Jutsu Kai.

Brochure 1

Brochure 2

A side note: Robert Dewar was a printer by trade so he often sent my father comical anecdotes.

Comic 1

Several photos of Robert Dewar practicing Nippon Sossuishiry Ju-Jutsu.

Dewar Dojo 1bDewar Dojo 1a  

Dewar Dojo 2aDewar Dojo 1d  

Dewar Dojo 2c Dewar Dojo 2d

Dewar Dojo 1c Dewar Dojo 2b

June 27, 1966 Robert Dewar sends a letter outlining his philosophy and training ideals on Sosushiryu Ju Jutsu.

Philosophy 1 Philosophy 2
My father sends a reply to Robert Dewar telling him about a book soon to be published by Tuttle entitled "The Secrets of Masaki Ryu and Shuriken Jutsu", coincidently it was subsequently changed to "Spike and Chain", than changed again to "Ninja Weapons: Chain and Shuriken". I will go into detail later about that mess.

Masaki Letter 1 Masaki Letter 2

On September 9, 1966 Robert Dewar sends a photo of his students from his Samurai Dojo located in Portland, Oregon.

Dewar Dojo 1e

He also sends pictures of his knife throwing hobby. He likes to throw kitchen knifes, cleavers, hatchets, screw drivers, files, bayonets and axes.

Hobby Picture 1

Also sends a picture of his "hobbies".

Hobby Picture 2

Hobby Picture 3

On August 15, 1966 Mr. Nelson (Mitch) Fleming officially welcomes the Chicago Academy of Martial Arts into the S.J.J.K.

Ju-Jutsu Letter 4

June 18, 1967 receives a letter from Robert Dewar and responds June 18, 1967.

Dewar letter 1

Dewar letter 2

June 21, 1967 Responds to a note from Mitch Fleming that Yamaguchi Sensei (The Cat) will be having an exhibition in the Madison Square Garden (does anyone know if he performed?).

Mitch Fleming letter 1 Mitch Fleming letter 2

Mitch Fleming letter 3

July 7, 1967 receives a letter from Mitch Fleming with my father's final certification for Sho-mokuroku. My father also obtains the rank of 2nd Mokuroku.

Mitch Fleming letter 4

Final Certification

Received patches from Nelson J. Fleming.


Receives an official letter from Nelson J. Fleming that my father has approved to the rank of Sho-mokuroku. In reply, my father requests to become an official representative for the Midwestern states.

Nelson Fleming letter 1

Reply to Nelson Fleming

July 26, 1967 receives a letter from Nelson Fleming notifying him of the official approval to represent S.J.J.K. within the following areas: Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Kentucky.

Nelson Fleming letter 2

Robert Dewar sends a small brochure compiled, edited and printed by him dated January 1, 1965 describing all 48 original techniques.

Robert Dewar Brochure 1

Robert Dewar Brochure 2
Robert Dewar Brochure 3

Robert Dewar Brochure 4

December 3, 1967 sends letter to Mitch Fleming withdrawing from the S.J.J.K. for an indefinite period.

Nelson Fleming letter 3

In 1987 Sensei Nelson Mitch Fleming who held the rank of Kurauzume passed away.


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