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This website is dedicated as a memorial to the many accomplishments of my father Charles Vincent Gruzanski. Within these many pages are the countless individuals that my father instructed as well as his many teachers. Yumio Nawa, Gozo Shioda, Masaaki Hatsumi, Masutatsu (Mas) Oyama, Robert Trias, Tadashi Nakamura and Harry McEvoy are just a few of the people who guided his path within the martial arts and knife throwing community. Please enjoy the many pictures, letters, weapons, documents and rare books from my collection. I have some high resolution scans of the rare book titles and densho below for sale. Please email me for prices and availability. I also have some rare books listed on Ebay. Please email me for the current link to my books.

Gunpo heihoki Kenjutsu no maki (The Art of Warfare for Swords) by Yamaoto Kansuke dated 1546 39 pages
Judo no Gokui (Secrets of Judo) edited by Sadamoto Hisamatsu dated 1922 92 pages
Jujutsu Gokuhi Shinden (Jujutsu Secrets) by Tokinosuke (Sadamoto) Hisamatsu dated 1901 151 pages
Jujutsu Hisenkai (Jujutsu Makimono) by Shume Tahara dated 1905
Jujutsu Kenbou Zukai Hiketsu (Picture Illustration of Secret Jujutsu, Sword and Stick) by Matsunosuke Inoguchi dated 1898 126 pages
Kengeki Oyobi Jujutsu (Sword Attack and Jujutsu) by Sadamichi Fujikawa dated 1898 95 pages
Kusarigama Makimono dated 1812

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  original Masaaki Hatsumi picture given to my father as a gift and later used for his book Ninja Chibikki Dojo

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