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During the 1950's and 1960's my father, Charles V. Gruzanski recorded over 32 reels of 8mm film in Japan. I had these very rare 8mm films professionally transferred directly onto 32 DVD's. These one of a kind films are very, very rare and not sold anywhere but on my web site. These 13 DVD's are all region code "zero" and should play in about 99% of all DVD players worldwide. I have listed each DVD separately and each one sells for $29.99 (US Dollars). I have also listed two Shindo Muso Ryu Wall charts as well as the very rare back issues of the original bi-monthly publication entitled "The Knife Thrower". I also have a special of all 32 movies on 1 (one) DVD for $ 350.00 plus shipping. This is a limited time offer! Regular price would be $ 959.68 for all 32 movies.

Please check back periodically as more items will be added soon!

I also have copies of the original book Spike and Chain for sale.

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 Some Rare Books For Sale

Accepting PayPal, United States drawn Money Orders, personal checks (10 business days to clear) and Western Union. Please email me to ensure availability of the books (I usually have only one copy) and shipping cost to your location. 

  • Jodo Kyohan by Asakichi Nakajima and Tsunemori (this is the double slipcase version) first printing dated July 1, 1976. $ 450.00 JUST SOLD

  • Ninjutsu Gokui Hidensho by Ito Gingetsu it is the very rare first edition, first printing dated May 5, 1937 with the original slipcase. $ 500.00

  • Ninjutsu No Kenkyu: Hissho no Heiho (Ninjutsu Research: Strategy for Certain Victory)Shinobi-no Buki by Yumio Nawa, it is a first edition, first printing dated November 1, 1972. $ 300.00 JUST SOLD

  • Nihon Budo Zenshu Volume 4 covering Kajutsu, Hojutsu, Suijutsu and Ninjutsu by Yoshio Imamura, Kiyonobu Ogasawara and Yuzo Kishino is a first edition first printing from September 30, 1966. $ 175.00

  • Ninjutsu Sono Rekishi To Ninja (Ninjutsu: It's History and Ninja) by Okuse Heishichiro it is a first edition, first printing September 9, 1963.  $ 175.00

  I also have many other books and scrolls not listed here.Please email me for availability and pricing


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